Use your cunning with the just released Indie Strategy Bundle by BIAB!


Another excellent, thematic and truly indie bundle, The Indie Strategy Bundle by Bundle In A Box, has just gone live and is featuring 11 strategy games (complete with lovely unlockable extras such as the exclusive AI War Prototype) to last you a lifetime. Or, well, for hundreds of hours. At least. Hundreds of glorious hours of indie strategy gaming from the fields of World War II and those satirical fantasy forests to space and the Pacific Ocean.

By paying what you want above $1.99 you will receive brilliant 4X/RTS AI War: Fleet Command, board-game like Strategic War in Europe, the deeply political Us & Them – Cold War, unique tower-defense variant Creeper World, hilarious The Trouble With Robots, Age of Conquest III and the aptly named Storm Over the Pacific.

Gamers who beat the average price will also receive brilliant PAX winner RTS Project Aftermath, Creeper World 2, deep strategy game Fall Weiss and rather demented Mayhem Intergalactic.

As always, gamers will also be supporting an important charity and indie developers via the Indie Dev Grant.