Help charity with the just released Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle by BIAB!


Another excellent and truly indie bundle, The Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle by Bundle In A Box and the Ordinary Gamer, has just gone live and is featuring 11 great and varied games (complete with lovely unlockable extras such as those 5 soundtracks) to last you a lifetime. Or, well, for dozens of hours. At least. And you’ll be supporting the AbleGamers Charity to which the bundle will be donating 30% of its earnings.

By paying what you want above $1.99 you will receive brilliant kung fu fighter One Finger Death Punch, musical arcade puzzler QbQbQb, sci-fi 3D shmup Saviors,  Jane Jensen powered adventure Cognition: Episode 1  and pixelated horror offering Slender 5 Pages

Gamers who beat the average price will also receive dark point-and-clicker Cognition: Episode 2, tongue-in-cheek spade-in-dirt grave digging sim The Grave Digger, 3D platformer Isaac The Adventurer, stunning fantasy melee fighting game Rooks Keep, wonderfully colorful hex-based puzzler Hairy Tales and the frantic Along Came A Spider.

As always, gamers will also be supporting indie developers via the Indie Dev Grant.