Bundle In A Box – Adventure Bundle

We have been mostly quiet on all fronts for quite some time now, we know, but remain assured that we’ve been working around the clock on our games and, of course, Bundle In A Box; our indie gaming bundle. We are thus happy to announce that you can now visit (also, wisely bookmark) bundle-in-a-box.com and (alternatively) bundle-box.com and see our brand new teaser site. Also, subscribe to our newsletter and make sure you are notified of the launch of the bundle the very moment it happens.

But, when will Bundle In A Box launch, we pretend to hear you ask. Well, soon. Very soon. During this very spring to be precise and there’s not that much of that left…

As for the bundle itself, though we wont be revealing any specific games until its launch, we can tell you that it will support both a charity we consider very important and -directly- indie game developers (no, we are not talking about the developers whose games we’ll be featuring). What’s more, all of the games (all seven of them) will be both available as DRM-free downloads and Steam/Desura codes (when available, of course).

Oh, and we’ll be throwing some interesting extras into the mix too. And, rather importantly, helping with the debut of a brand new indie game.

You can find out more about Bundle In A Box here and here and of course by following the bundle’s twitter, facebook and Google Plus accounts.

Now, do pay Bundle In A Box a visit!