The Evolution of Bishop 7: The first Concepts

Before artist Hariton Bekiaris started working with the Kyttaro Games team on Droidscape: Basilica all we had were concrete gameplay ideas, an extensive and fully working prototype, some early levels, but neither a setting nor any decision on the game’s visual style. Truth be said, we didn’t even have a name for the thing, though we were aware of the fact that the aesthetics of its protagonist were of paramount importance. Discussions happened, ideas were thrown around, plots were contemplated and coffee was drunk until we vaguely and quite excitedly agreed on a sci-fi/steampunk setting. Promptly we were convinced by Hariton that stop-motion animation was doable, appropriate and would look fantastic, and he then went on to come up with the very first concept sketches of the main character (already christened Bishop 7):

Concepts1The first idea, the robotic lizard thingy, seemed lovely, but would require a top-down perspective which would look much duller than the isometric perspective we all craved. The humanoid characters, on the other hand, were immediately dismissed for being too banal. Then, Hariton suggested something along these lines:


It was little more than a doodle, but it definitely looked correct and would apparently translate well into physical form. The bipedal droid form simply clicked for everyone and we moved on to something along these lines:


Wasn’t perfect yet. We knew we needed a head and that anime wouldn’t really work that well in the universe we were already building in our heads, but we felt we were in the right track. The track we’ll be showing you in our next update!

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