The Evolution of Bishop 7: Adding Physicality

Following our first installment in The Evolution of Bishop 7 series of articles, we have to now show off some more of our “bipedal” pieces of concept art. Namely, these (we did, after all, spend quite a lot of time on our concepts):


Admittedly the third Bishop 7 (from the right) was closer to what we had in mind and we thus had our artist, Hariton Bekiaris, provide us with a couple extra variations/refinements on the theme, before going on and sculpting the first proper model of our star droid.


Yes, wings would definitely have to make it to the final version of Droidscape: Basilica, but, first, it was sculpture time! A physical model of Bishop 7 had to be constructed, photographed and inserted into our pre-alpha and tested. Said model was none other than this:


On to part 3: The Final, Posable Model