Bundle in a Box

Bundle In A Box is the indie gaming bundle organized by Kyttaro Games. It’s the only truly thematic gaming bundle using the pay-what-you-want model and, more importantly, the only bundle that tries having some of the best game designers and developers create exclusive games for it. Bundle In A Box supports both charity and independent game developers via the Indie Dev Grant.

But, what is a gaming bundle? Well, as the name implies, it’s a collection of games (usually of the indie persuasion) that can be bought as one handy bundle for the price that you chose. Yes, that does indeed mean you get those games for incredibly cheap, but it also means that the bundle can’t last much longer than a couple of weeks. It’s not unlike a demented, digital bazaar…

Watch this space, but also keep an eye out on facebook, twitter, Google + and our blog. Then again, you could always follow Bundle in a Box on twitter itself or keep up to date via the BIAB blog.

You can find the Bundle In A Box site here.

Bundle In A Box: The Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle presskit