About Us

Kyttaro Games, the indie gaming label of Kyttaro Tech, is rather obviously an independent game developer and publisher. It wants to create unique gaming experiences, experiment with a variety of genres and play on every possible platform in a quest to come up with video games that will entertain its very own team and, hopefully, you. It might sound rather cliché, but Kyttaro Games, consisting of gamers itself, is crafting games for gamers. Or at least trying to do so.


Interestingly, Kyttaro is a Greek word meaning cell… Oh, and do feel free to contact us.


Kyttaro Games: The Presskit


The Core Team:


Andreas Farmakis

A computer engineer, software tinkerer and gamer, who has been involved in computer graphics R&D and realized several computer art festivals (including two truly successful demo-parties). Conveniently happens to have worked on quite a few iPhone and Android applications, as well as more than a few 3D art projects. When not coming up with game ideas, designing levels or programming, he can be found enjoying classic adventure games and feeding the cat.



Fivos Vilanakis

Yes, another computer engineer, but one with an extensive work experience in both large scale integration projects and R&D in imaging, graphics and automation software. Has been coding for far more years than he’d be willing to publicly accept and is still not afraid to dabble in Z80 assembly. Always loved games, always managed to brilliantly program the most complicated software and never tired of actually building the weirdest contraptions. Yes, he has actually made a robot.


Konstantinos Dimopoulos

Better known as gnome, he has joined Kyttaro Games in order to contribute his level design, game design and writing skills. The fact that he’s into urban planning doesn’t really help, but is happily overlooked due to his arcane ties with the world of indie gaming and his odd gaming projects. Never managed to overcome the brilliance of either the Amiga or the ZX Spectrum, yet oddly believes there’s a future in quality games.



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