Droidscape: Basilica


The sci-fi, stop-motion animated action puzzler for iOS you play by twisting your head! 

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Droidscape: Basilica is a unique puzzle game set in a grim electropunk future. In the year 4057, a power-hungry Ecclesiarchy has plunged humanity into a new Dark Ages. One of few remaining Chronomancers dedicated to preserving the secrets of time-travel has been taken hostage on the gargantuan Basilica space station, and if he dies, an already dark world will get a lot darker. Only a small, unarmed droid named Bishop 7 can save him—and only with your help.

On iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5, and newer, Droidscape: Basilica supports Kyttaro Games’ groundbreaking “HeadTwister” technology, using the front-facing camera to turn the game into a hands-free, head-tracking, gesture-based experience. For players with earlier devices or who prefer hands-on play, Droidscape: Basilica also has tactile touch controls.

In each of Droidscape: Basilica’s 60 levels, players must navigate around patrolling enemy droids, grabbing gems and keys needed to proceed. First, use strategy to plot Bishop 7’s course across a room. Then, manipulate time to transport the droid safely across the room with a mix of reflexes and problem solving skills.

Kyttaro Games has approached Droidscape: Basilica like an interactive work of art, teaming up with visual artist Hariton Bekiaris who hand-modeled the characters in clay and painstakingly animated them using stop-motion technology. Composer-musician Chris Christodoulou has provided a complete and utterly atmospheric soundtrack.


Droidscape: Basilica will be released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this July!


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