Bundle In A Box now to be taken care of by Groupees

GroupeesHaving already kept the Bundle In A Box site alive for a year without launching a new bundle, we were looking for a solution for all the people who had loved our bundles and didn’t want to lose their games. Yes, we know, DRM-free games can always be downloaded and stored and many of our dear bundlers did this, but we needed something more permanent. And we found it! And no, we are not shutting the site down.

The lovely people of Groupees have volunteered to run Bundle In A Box themselves and try to keep its indie loving, DRM-free spirit alive and we happily handed them BIAB over.

For now, all the data, games and codes will remain on our servers and thus accessible the same way they have always been. Groupees, on the other hand, will be running new BIAB bundles on their site and eventually migrating everything to their servers, effectively merging BIAB into Groupees.

As for us, the Kyttaro Games team, we hope everyone is satisfied with this solution. We did our best and are now confident we have found the perfect team to carry on our work. It’s time for us to focus on making games; an epic and wildly different RPG (with some amazing indie collaborators) for example.

Thanks for staying with us and enjoy the new Bundle In A Box!


Press Release:


Groupees Agrees to Take Over Bundle in a Box

Groupees will host Bundle in a Box accounts and run future Bundle in a Box Bundles


Portland OR USA, November 13, 2014: Groupees and Kyttaro Games have reached an agreement for Groupees to take over responsibility for the Bundle in a Box Bundle. Groupees plans to migrate all existing Bundle in a Box accounts to Groupees.com, as well as offer future Bundle in a Box promotions at Groupees.com.

“We are honored to keep the spirit of what Kyttaro Games created with Bundle in a Box alive and well,” said Thomas Brooke, Groupees’ Founder and CEO. “In a segment of the industry that has devolved somewhat into a race to the bottom, Bundle in a Box always stood for something more. Their commitment to shining the light on indie games and supporting indie development with their Indie Dev Grant should be commended. We look forward to continuing to support Kyttaro Games’ vision in future Bundle in a Box promotions offered at Groupees.com.”

“We are very pleased, as this deal with Groupees will allow Bundle in a Box to keep going and keep on supporting indie gaming,” said Konstantinos Dimopoulos. “We see Groupees as a real innovator in this space, and their community-first focus and understanding of the indie spirit makes them the perfect home for Bundle in a Box. For Groupees, like us, it was never about offering games at a cheap price. We look forward to watching Groupees continue to grow and for Bundle in a Box to be a part of its bright future.”

The Bundle in a Box website and customer accounts will be maintained until Groupees completes account and file migration. No official date has been set but the process is expected to be completed in Q1 of 2015. Further information about the process will be provided through Groupees and Bundle in a Box’s Facebook and Twitter channels.

About Groupees LLC. Groupees offers at its website, groupees.com, Pay What You Want bundle promotions featuring video games, music, comics, ebooks and films. Groupees has processed over 1,500,000 bundle purchases over the past 2 years.

About Kyttaro Games. Kyttaro Games, kyttarogames.com, created the Bundle In A Box indie gaming bundle and has released Droidscape: Basilica and Droidscape on iOS. It’s currently working with a select team of indie developers on a still unannounced RPG.

Help charity with the just released Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle by BIAB!


Another excellent and truly indie bundle, The Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle by Bundle In A Box and the Ordinary Gamer, has just gone live and is featuring 11 great and varied games (complete with lovely unlockable extras such as those 5 soundtracks) to last you a lifetime. Or, well, for dozens of hours. At least. And you’ll be supporting the AbleGamers Charity to which the bundle will be donating 30% of its earnings.

By paying what you want above $1.99 you will receive brilliant kung fu fighter One Finger Death Punch, musical arcade puzzler QbQbQb, sci-fi 3D shmup Saviors,  Jane Jensen powered adventure Cognition: Episode 1  and pixelated horror offering Slender 5 Pages

Gamers who beat the average price will also receive dark point-and-clicker Cognition: Episode 2, tongue-in-cheek spade-in-dirt grave digging sim The Grave Digger, 3D platformer Isaac The Adventurer, stunning fantasy melee fighting game Rooks Keep, wonderfully colorful hex-based puzzler Hairy Tales and the frantic Along Came A Spider.

As always, gamers will also be supporting indie developers via the Indie Dev Grant.

Use your cunning with the just released Indie Strategy Bundle by BIAB!


Another excellent, thematic and truly indie bundle, The Indie Strategy Bundle by Bundle In A Box, has just gone live and is featuring 11 strategy games (complete with lovely unlockable extras such as the exclusive AI War Prototype) to last you a lifetime. Or, well, for hundreds of hours. At least. Hundreds of glorious hours of indie strategy gaming from the fields of World War II and those satirical fantasy forests to space and the Pacific Ocean.

By paying what you want above $1.99 you will receive brilliant 4X/RTS AI War: Fleet Command, board-game like Strategic War in Europe, the deeply political Us & Them – Cold War, unique tower-defense variant Creeper World, hilarious The Trouble With Robots, Age of Conquest III and the aptly named Storm Over the Pacific.

Gamers who beat the average price will also receive brilliant PAX winner RTS Project Aftermath, Creeper World 2, deep strategy game Fall Weiss and rather demented Mayhem Intergalactic.

As always, gamers will also be supporting an important charity and indie developers via the Indie Dev Grant.

Be other people with the BIAB Indie RPG Bundle! It’s live!


The richest Bundle In A Box bundle to date, The Indie RPG Bundle, has just gone live and is featuring 13 roleplaying games (complete with tons of lovely unlockable extras) to last you a lifetime. Or, well, for dozens of hours. At least. Dozens of glorious hours of indie RPG gaming from the trenches of World War I and those dark fantasy forests to contemporary cities and dreaded dungeons.

Those who pay at least $1.99 will receive modern day RPG Unemployment Quest, choose-your-own-adventure gamebook The Siege of the Necromancer, indie classic Hack Slash Loot, strategic RPG Styrateg, Ultima-esque Inaria, the lovely Dungeon Fray, dungeon crawling tactical RPG Empires & Dungeons 2,  and humorous 3D CRPG Frayed Knights.

Gamers who beat the average price will also receive the brilliant and just greenlit Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, the foreboding Wizard from Tarnath Tor, card-based Northmark, excellent rogue-like The Wizard’s Lair, and the utterly unique and philosophical Telepath RPG.

As always gamers will also be supporting an important charity and indie developers via the Indie Dev Grant.

Droidscape: Basilica released for iOS!

Now that you have watched our launch trailer (yes, the one above these very lines), let us officially and most excitedly let you know that our debut game, the rather amazing Droidscape: Basilica has been released! Apparently you can already buy it at a 50% discount (hence $0.99) during its launch week for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch over at the App Store:


Droidscape: Basilica is a carefully and pain-stakingly crafted action-puzzle game, that’s been in developemtn for (way) over a year. This sprawling sci-fi puzzler features 60 challenging levels, clay-modeled, stop-moption animated characters,  intuitive touch controls, a full soundtrack and an optional “HeadTwister” mode that turns the gameplay hands-free.

In each of Droidscape: Basilica‘s 60 two-stage puzzle levels, players use strategy to plot Bishop 7’s course around roaming enemy droids to pick up gems, recharge at power stations, unlock doors, and reach the exit. Then, using either simple finger swipes or the revolutionary HeadTwister controls, manipulate time to carefully guide the droid through the course without crossing the enemy’s path. As you travel deeper into the massive space station, Droidscape’s electropunk sci-fi world comes to life via stop-motion animation, futuristic music and sound effects, and a vast backstory presented in interstitial scenes between levels.

Still in its experimental stages, Kyttaro’s HeadTwister technology uses the front-facing camera of newer model iOS devices to replace a flick of the finger with a shake of the head. In this mode, players send Bishop 7 along the plotted course by turning their head right to step forward, or left to step back. The developers plan to refine the technology based on player feedback, with the ultimate goal of developing fully head-controlled games in the future. For those with older devices or who prefer a more tactile experience, the game is also completely touch enabled.

Droidscape: Basilica is a Universal App playable on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It sells for USD $1.99 (or its equivalent in local currency) and is on sale for USD $0.99 during the first week. The game’s HeadTwister mode can be experienced on iPad 2 and up, iPhone 4S and up, or iPod touch 5.