Artfully Framed

We’ve been working on Artfully Framed for quite some time now (since March 2010 to be precise) and simply couldn’t keep it under wraps for much longer. It is after all shaping up to be a rather impressive, innovative, fun and beautiful twitch-arcade offering for the iPhone, that we hope will eventually get itself ported to both Android and PC. Oh, and maybe even OUYA too.

More information and a ton of concept art will gradually be unveiled (mostly) via our blog. And the Artfully Framed page on facebook too.

For now, let us just admit that its visuals have been inspired by more than a few brilliant and pretty well-known artists (Mondrian would be a most appropriate example) and that the gameplay will hopefully be unlike anything else out there. Also, we have a proper, professional painter guiding our artists’ interpretations and overall aesthetic.